An Exhibition – The Fates of the Jewish Families in the Region of Louny

The Jewish Monuments Restoration Society of Peruc cordially invites you to a preview of the exhibition called "The Fates of the Jewish Families in the Region of Louny", which is going to take place on Tuesday, July 16 at 5pm at the premises of the Regional Museum in Louny. The exhibition will take place until September 15, 2019.
The exhibition portrays the history of Louny Jewish Community, which was significantly involved in the economic and social life in Louny until WWII when the Nazi eliminated this community as part of the Holocaust. The authors of the exhibition, Dr. Jan Mareš, Ph.D and Anna Krausová, the student of Jewish studies, focused on the overall view of the history of Jewish people in Louny and on the fates of particular Jewish families, which represent a memento bringing to life the atrocities of the deportations and concentration camps. The curator of the exhibition, Dr. Martin Vostřel, PhD, an employee of the Regional Museum in Louny, also participates in the installation of the 3D objects hired from the Teplice Jewish Community. The exhibition was financially supported by the Foundation for Holocaust Victims and the town of Louny. The representatives of the Teplice Jewish Community, cooperating people of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church, representatives of the town of Louny and other important guests are going to participate in the preview of the exhibition.
Jewish Monuments Restoration Society of Peruc cares about the nearby Jewish cemetery by Hřivčice, which underwent a recent reconstruction and where the memorial of the victims of Holocaust from Peruc was placed (IN MEMORIAM). Among the renovation of other Jewish monuments in the North West Bohemia, the Society renovated the Hebrew inscription at the Jewish cemetery in Žatec. In cooperation with the Teplice Jewish Community, the Society plans to renovate the synagogue in Louny. The members of the Society have a positive relation to Israeli Jews and condemn anti-Semitism. To learn more about the Society, please visit their website at