Foundation for Holocaust Victims has a new head of the Board of Directors. Starting on August 1st 2015, the Board will be chaired by Ing. Michal Klima. The post was previously held by Ing.

Grant call for our Grant programmes Renovation, Remembrance, Future and Our Future for projects realised next year shall be announced in the week starting on 17th August 2015.

We have published Annual Report for the year 2014.

We wish to invite you for the third discussion cafe I am Jewish and I prosper. The panel will feature Jakub Szanto, the Middle East reporter of the Czech TV and Jakub Zelezny.

We wish to announce the grant call for Care Programme for projects realized during 2016. The grant conditions and fill in forms can be downloaded from the links bellow (in Czech).

We wish to invite you for a seminar for employees of Jewish organisations.

We have published the brand new issue of our InfoBulletin (in Czech). Have a good read and a restful summer!

On June,18th 2015, the FHV Board of Directors approved the grant allocations of the special grant call in Renovation Programme. The list of supported projects is attached bellow. The grant allocations are covered by a subsidy of the Ministry of culture of the Czech Republic.

Ulpan wishes to invite you for its lecture called Klezmer's not dead! The lecture about the traditional music of East-European Jewery, will explain the journey of this unique genre of music from Europe through the USA to Israel. It will uncover the reasons for it´s (un)acceptance in the Holy land and it will try to define its current place on the map of Israeli music. Sabina Falteiskova, the presenter, will also discuss the traditional klezmer festival in the holy city of Tzfat and she will seek an answer to the question of what does klezmer mean for Israelis today. The lecture will be accompanied by musical samples. The lecture will take place on June, 23rd at 7pm in Langhans, the Center of People in Need Centra in Vodickova 37, Prague 1.

Unijazz wishes to invite you for the summer festival for the Jewish quarter in Boskovice. The festival takes place between 9th and 12th July 2015.


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